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Working with Indigo is the best decision I have every made for my health! After years of seeing Specialists who continued to tell me I was healthy, despite my symptoms, I found Indigo and a Dr. who was willing to find the source of my issues. I was quickly diagnosed and treated with natural supplements and lifestyle changes that worked. I started seeing improvements in my blood-work immediately and steadily until my tests were within normal range. Dr. Sharkar and her team are very thorough, effective, and kind. I am now healthier and have more energy than I have had in 12 years and will continue to work with Indigo to maintain my health.

-Cacye Ezzell

When I first consulted Dr. Snejana Sharkar, I was suffering from chronic exhaustion. I was gaining about two pounds a week, no matter what kind of diet I was trying to follow. I was constipated. I had painful migraines most of the time. My immune system was weak, and I caught every germ. I had asked my internist for more thyroid medication, but he said my blood tests showed I was already at the right dose. I had consulted with a famous endocrinologist – same answer. Dr. Sharkar takes a different approach. She is at home in both the worlds of naturopathic and conventional medicine. She has had specialized training in Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, a diagnosis that explains so many of my symptoms. She has been guiding me through the complicated treatment protocol. As issues have come up, she has connected me with specialists, and she has worked closely together with these specialists, as well as with my internist. I am getting better. A visit to Dr. Sharkar is thorough and very much a collaboration between patient and physician. She talks about how each part of the body interacts with other parts. She favors natural remedies when possible, but she will use prescription medicines when necessary. She cares deeply about each one of her patients. I was so impressed by her that I referred my husband, who now also is getting better.


Indigo Health is where you want to go if you would like a natural approach to you healthcare. Dr. Sharkar spends a great deal of time with you to come up with a plan to improve your health with natural supplements as well as traditional medicine. She is extremely caring and knowledgeable. Indigo Health is “concierge medicine” at it’s best!

-Candace Chiaruttini

This was a great experience with very personal and knowledgeable staff and doctor. I will definitely be returning for a follow up and recommend this clinic to anyone interested in getting to the bottom of their health issues. It was great to get looked at from a holistic approach rather than just masking the symptoms.

-Robert Kheel
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