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Interning with Lisa Wilson for the past month in West Simsbury, Connecticut, was such an amazing learning experience. Seldom do we come across people who actually walk the walk and it was a true pleasure walking alongside her. From our bike rides to Body Pump through beautiful bike trails, 2 quarts of green juice per day, raw food feasts and dark chocolate, to our mixtures and inventions of apricot kernel concoctions and citrus MMS shots, I experienced wholesome living to a new level (stay tuned to my blog posts, I will be discussing things I have learned and researched).

As the 7-Day Raw Food Institute Live program approached, we were ready to rock and roll. We greeted a remarkable group of individuals who were open to both learning and healing and together as a group a huge transformation occurred. I did not completely grasp this change until graduation the very last day, when I looked into the audience and saw the most beautiful and healthy glow radiating from each person. It was then that I completely became conscious of the effects of eating raw food.

During the 7-Day RFI Live program you will…

  • Listen to health and nutrition lectures from leading raw food educators
  • Learn about advanced healing and preventative tools
  • Have hands on food demonstration classes and workshops in raw food sprouting, juicing, equipment, dehydration and more
  • Undergo a one week supervised raw foods detox with medicinal raw and living foods, all meals and detox material provided
  • Click on this link to read through all the topics that are discussed during the program

A typical day during the program consists of taking a wheatgrass shot early in the morning followed by light exercise, green juice, classroom time, Reishi tea, delicious raw dishes prepared by our raw chefs- Eden Love and Kerry Lucier, more classroom time, dinner, 45 minutes in either the SOQI bed or sauna and nightly wheatgrass enemas.

I strongly recommend the 7-Day RFI Live program to all my clients and anyone who is interested in experiencing the benefits of raw food or is seeking alternative therapies to treat their disease, especially cancer. The program is based off the Dr. Ann Wigmore protocol, which includes raw, living and fermented foods, wheatgrass shots and enemas, and green juice therapy.

Prevention is the best medicine, let food be thy medicine.

For more pictures, check out the album Indigo goes to the Raw Food Institute.

For more pictures, check out the album Indigo goes to the Raw Food Institute.

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