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Preventing Breast Cancer


At the current rate breast cancer is growing rapidly, but it doesn’t need to. According to Dr. Mercola, “Cancer is a man-made disease that did not exist before poor diet and pollution appeared.” Breast cancer is caused by xenoestrogens, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, stressful negative emotions, synthetic hormone replacement therapies, birth control pills, chronic inflammation and acidity in the body, which leads to toxicity and the perfect breading ground for viruses. So now that we know what causes cancer, we know how to prevent it.

We are lead to believe that mammograms detect breast cancer but the opposite is true. Instead, mammograms have a first-time false positive rate of six percent and increase the risk for developing breast cancer through potentially spreading or metastasizing an existing growth. The best method for breast cancer prevention is breast thermography (infrared), which will detect cancer up to ten years earlier than mammography or physical exam without ionizing radiation or mechanical pressure. Further, needle biopsies should also be prevented because they may accidentally cause malignant cells to break away from the tumor, increasing the spread of cancer by fifty percent compared to patients receiving lumpectomies. An alternative way to detect breast cancer can be done by medical detective dogs through a person’s breath with sensitivity of 0.88 and specificity of 0.98. Cancer appears in the breath very rapidly and these dogs are best at detecting early cancers.

Breast cancer has the potential to go away on its own a fair amount of the time without intervention when the body turns towards a healthy environment. Nutrition is a key factor in preventing cancer. It is vital to eat only organic and eliminate the major factors that lead to chronic inflammation such as alcohol, coffee, processed food, food additives, a high carbohydrate diet, charred meat, non-fermented soy products, dairy and refined sugar, which allows cancer cells to thrive.

Studies have shown the direct correlation between body hydration and toxicity. The more hydrated the body becomes the less toxins it will allow, and vice versa. Hydrate with three to four liters of natural spring water and Sole water therapy per day. Avoid consuming water with chlorine and fluoride, which is running rapidly in tap water nowadays. Dehydration causes the body to become acidic which is perfect for disease. Water flushes the body of toxins. Aside from water intake, drink a quart of organic green vegetable juice every day.

Optimize your vitamin D levels with supplementation or low-level sun exposure. Maintain a healthy body weight and do regular physical exercise to keep all parts of the body functioning properly. Avoid electromagnetic fields, wearing underwire bras and using antiperspirant containing heavy metals like aluminum. Detox periodically especially the liver, the kidneys and colon. Get the lymphatic system moving by skin brushing daily and boost your immune system through IV therapies. With these defenses under your belt, breast cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

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