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The Power of Meditation


This year has been one of the most amazing, busiest, life-changing years of my life thus far. I’ve expanded and grown so much and learned the true power of meditation. I got engaged in February, married in April, and bought a beautiful house in northern Portugal in July. I moved back to the states, traveled more than ever, got to see my best friends a lot, and managed to work incredibly hard and efficiently. Talk about fast track! It’s been wild and I’m beyond grateful for 2017.

With all this fast paced living and expansion, I couldn’t have done it without my distant mentor Dr. Joe Dispenza. He doesn’t really know me or that he is my mentor but his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and his meditations have tremendously impacted me.  Because of my meditation ritual I am able to stay focused, grounded and aligned with the bigger picture and vision. During the work week, I love his 24-minute Morning & Evening meditations. I do either the morning or evening meditations because it’s hard for me to do both with a full time job. I make up for it over the weekends with his hour long Body Parts meditation. This combination works really well for me.

I knew that when we found our dream home and healing sanctuary the me that manifested this and the me that will see it to fruition are needing to be two totally different people. I have held this vision for a very long time, I have seen it with clarity in my mind’s eye exactly what it will look like. It has taken me a decade to finally get to the point of where I am living in my dreams as opposed to it being some far and distant thing.

Now more than ever, I have to hold the space for this vision to manifest with pure thoughts. There is no room for fear, mistrust and misalignment. The bigger your dreams become the bigger you have to be to provide the container for them to be made real. It requires a new attitude, new thoughts, new energy, courage, strength, and trusting that it will all work out. I have no clue how, that’s not my job. I am clear in what I want and each day I focus on showing up and being greater than I was the day before.

I strongly encourage you to get his book to understand the importance of meditation. Either read it or listen to it on Audible. It’s the best thing that you can do for yourself this new year. All the positive thoughts, intentions and New Year’s resolutions can’t help you if you don’t fundamentally break the habit of being yourself. Each and every one of us runs subconsciously off a program you may not even be aware exists. Awareness is everything.

True change happens when you re-write this program and trust me it’s no walk in the park! Greatness doesn’t come easy friends. If it did, it wouldn’t be as fun. From all the research I have done for my  book, Activating Your Super Human, the Keys to Optimizing Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being (coming soon), I can strongly conclude with serious conviction- one cannot escape meditation this lifetime or any other. Not without sacrificing true peace.

Meditation is what brings you back to yourself, it is what grounds you, what connects you to your higher self, your intuition, direct and divine knowing. If only we were taught to meditate as children, it would be second nature to us. Meditation is just as important as brushing your teeth.

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