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Why IV Infusions?

Intravenous infusions deliver 100% of the fluid, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream, cells and tissues for maximum absorption at larger doses that would not otherwise be tolerated orally. These nutrients flood the body allowing for nourishment at the cellular level. IV vitamin infusions can be used to proactively maintain optimum wellness as well as address acute and chronic dis-ease.

IV Vitamin Therapy is far more effective than pills alone and allows cellular healing and repairing processes to begin much sooner.

“Better absorption. Faster delivery.”

The food we eat today does not contain the same amount of nutrients our ancestors ate. Over the past few decades the soil has been depleted of the essential minerals we need daily. In order for our bodies to thrive, we need the right doses of nutrients- vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.



  • increased hydration
  • increased energy
  • enhanced mood
  • increased nutrients
  • improved sleep
  • decreased stress and anxiety
  • increased immunity
  • increased muscle recovery
  • slow effects of aging
  • faster recovery
  • improved mental focus


Is it for you?

IV Vitamin Therapy is not for everyone. If you are sick, suffer from chronic dis-ease or experience digestive complications your body may be less able or unable to absorb the proper vitamins and minerals by mouth needed for your body to carry out its thousands of functions. This intestinal malabsorption disrupts cellular absorption, which means your cells aren’t getting the nutrients they need to perform optimally. This perpetuates chronic dis-ease.

IV Vitamin Therapy is an excellent alternative to flooding the body with the nutrients it requires.

IV Vitamin Therapy may be for you if you are or have…

  • dehydrated
  • chronic dis-ease
  • acute viral and bacterial infections (Esptein-Barr virus)
  • nutrient deficiencies or nutrient malabsorption
  • chronic depression
  • cannot swallow pills or tolerate oral supplements
  • cannot keep up with your supplement schedule
  • a frequent flier
  • a busy entrepreneur
  • an athlete; recovery and energy boost
  • sleep deprivation
  • intestinal malabsorption issues (IBS, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis)
  • respiratory issues
  • seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • feel drained, tired, depleted or have chronic fatigue syndrome
  • experience pain and muscle soreness
  • experience migraines, headaches, and tension headaches
  • common cold/flu

"75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Over time chronic dehydration can lead to chronic health conditions."

You are unique and so are your nutrient requirements. At the Indigo IV Lounge there are many treatment options for IV Vitamin Therapy depending on individual goals. Our products are designed to meet a range of different needs.

After a consultation with a healthcare practitioner, personalized formulations are prepared for each patient, made specifically to address their nutrient requirements and health needs. If IV Vitamin Therapy is not for you, we have other options to suit your health needs.


How do IV Infusions work?

  • Most efficient delivery of vital nutrients
  • Bypass the digestive tract for 100% absorption
  • Provide immediate cellular nutrition
  • Safely delivers large doses not tolerated orally
  • Fast acting nutrients enter the bloodstream immediately to help the body begin healing itself

“When you give the body more nutrients, it is able to do its job and eliminate toxins.”

Your healthcare provider will start you on the IV dose that is right for you. Each new IV client undergoes an initial physical examination, health, medical and lifestyle analysis. If you present with health conditions that require further testing and evaluation, your healthcare provider will use these findings to formulate a Custom Indigo Infusion made for you. Please be sure to tell your healthcare provider about any known medical conditions and medications you are currently taking, as your dose may need to be adjusted.

Once you have seen your healthcare provider at Indigo Integrative Health Clinic for an evaluation, you will receive a prescription for an infusion. Our scientifically formulated intravenous infusions are of high medical grade quality.

All of the intravenous protocols used at the Indigo IV Lounge, and our products, have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and nutritionists.


How long do IV infusions take?

Our IV Vitamin infusions take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Many patients begin to feel the effects during the IV therapy, which then continues over the following hours and days. It doesn’t take long for the accumulated effects to take place and you start feeling refreshed, re-energized, and revitalized. Some clients do experience feeling tired and fatigued after being flooded with nutrients, this is normal. If this is the case, stay plenty hydrated and make time to rest. You will feel the energizing effects the day after.

“Enjoy sustained energy for days without the crash.”


Safety First

The substances used in IV Vitamin therapy are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and water, all of which are classified as “Essential Nutrients.” These nutrients are essential for life. Some of these nutrients the body cannot synthesize on its own. In the past, these nutrients were obtained from food we eat, but modern food is often modified and over-processed, leaving many of us deficient in these essential nutrients.

By replacing your levels through IV infusions, under the expert advice of one of our healthcare providers, your body can be restored to its peak fitness and maximum energy performance.

Although rare, it is important to be aware of any side effects nutrient infusions may cause…

  • vein irritation
  • pain at the site of infusion
  • lowering blood sugar
  • lowering blood pressure
  • light headedness or dizziness
  • rash
  • upset stomach
  • fatigue immediately following infusion
  • muscle cramps or weakness
  • nausea
  • flushing
  • headache


Contraindicated in...

  • Medications like nitrates (prescribed for chest pain)
  • Medications for pulmonary hypertension (guanylate cyclase stimulators), your blood pressure can drop below safe levels
  • Kidney disease
  • Allergies to any ingredients in the infusions

Please speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or side effects.


Please Note...

You will be required to give a valid credit card for booking your IV appointment. Our cancellation policy is 48 hours. Our practitioners will prepare your bag in the morning on the day of your appointment, if your bag is prepared before you cancel or fail to show up for your appointment, you will be charged the full amount.






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